WESTERN PROVINCE (Cape Town) – 10km

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First race in 2017

Not held in 2015

First Race in 2016

(Disappointingly, the race was no longer held in memory of Dave Spence in 2018. The race was established in his memory.)

Plexus Durbanville 10km

2010 Durbanville 10km (31 Oct)

Not held after 2015

Goodwood Harriers 10km

2017 Goodwood 10km (30 Sep)

First race in 2017

Labourwise (Strand) 10km

2017 Labourwise 10km

Not held in 2015

Not held in 2015

Cancelled in 2018 due to traffic safety concerns.

First race in 2017

First race in 2016

Old Mutual 10km

2017 Old Mutual 10km

*Due to numerous marshaling errors and organisational problems many runners ran the wrong distance and accurate results were never produced for the 2015 race.

First reheld in 2016 after having moved to Stellenbosch for a few years. During those years Edgemead hosted a Women’s Day race.

The race was for many years known as the Merrilyn Smith Memorial Race. It was then changed to the UCT Women’s Memorial Race to also honour Lindsay Weight and Isavel Roche-Kelly (both former winners of the Comrades Marathon while students). It was subsequently called the UCT Memorial Race after long-time members and lecturers Kevin Rochford and AO Okreglecki died.