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Development: Are we being honest with ourselves

Development is a hot topic in South African sport. For a long time the concepts of ‘development’ and ‘transformation’ were intertwined, so it was not possible to deal with one, without dealing with the other. And it created bizarre terminology: People were too scared to use the language of apartheid, so instead of saying an…

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Why The Obsession With Honour or Glory?

It is not hard to see where athletics in South Africa is going wrong. It is quite simple: The emphasis is in all the wrong places. There was an article on the IOL website entitled: “SA students fall short at World University Games“. Clearly, the impression is that they failed. They won five medals at…

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Has Athletics Gone Mad?

What has happened to the sport of athletics, one of the most pure of all sports? Let’s start at the very beginning. We don’t know for certain how the sport really began, but we can surmise. Two guys argued about who was the faster of the two. So they had a race. Then guys argued…

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