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Is the KZNA fight about egos?

So, now that the facts are becoming clearer, it is more obvious that the dispute in KwaZulu Natal is about settling old scores between individuals and not so much about what is good for the sport. The attached court papers show us that (a) KZNA is seeking to stop an area of KwaZulu Natal forming …

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The beginning of the end for KZNA?

This is how it all starts. The statement from the CEO of ASA. Anyone who has been around in the sport of Athletics (or any sport for that matter) in South Africa for a while will identify the signs immediately. It is merely a matter of time, but Sello Mokoena and his KwaZulu Natal Athletics …

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Who is Making the Decisions?

In 2008 South African company law underwent a major change. Why is this relevant to the sport of Athletics? Quite simple really, the national federation in South Africa was incorporated as a company under section 21 of the old Companies Act in 2006. It’s registration number is Reg No 2006/034767/08. In 2008 a new Companies …

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