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One thing that the human body is exceptionally good at is adapting to the environment in which it is operating.

If we live in a hot place for long enough, we get used to the heat. Likewise if it is cold. True, if that has limits, but the body has a great ability to adapt in order to survive.

Which is pretty much what happens when we train. We put a little bit more stress on the body for long enough and it adapts to handle the new demands. It becomes more efficient, uses the reserves of energy we have stored up (ie the life belt around the waste). The new active you is soon the norm. And so we move on from there.

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Now that you have decided to take up running or decided to get better at it, what can you expect?

This sounds like a really dumb question, and if you go to forums on social media you will read all the wonderful things that will happen and how you will become this new person.

Some of that may be true, but that is not what the article is about. This is a little bit more practical.

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TCN Coaching Clinics: February 2018



Clinic 1 – Friday, 16 February 2018: Preparing For Race Day

Clinic 2 – Friday, 23 February 2018: Preparing On Race Day


Main Presenter:     James Frazer

Where:                    Green Point Athletics Stadium

Time:                      16:00-19:00

Who:                       Any Track Athletes Racing from 800m upwards and Middle Distance Coaches who focus on Track

What to Bring:       Be ready to run, Pen and Paper to take notes, a water bottle, hat, suntan lotion

Cost:                        R75 for one clinic, R100 for both.


What Will We Cover:

Clinic 1: Preparing For Race Day

Focus On The Last Few Days Prior To The Race – What Should You Do In Training? Eat? Sleep?


Clinic 2: Preparing On Race Day

The Warm Up, Racing, Recovery And Learning From What Works / Mistakes Made.


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Both Clinics

16 February 2018 Only

23 February 2018 Only