The Coaching Network is starting up a training group, based in Hout Bay. One of our associates, a Hout Bay resident and regular competitor on the local road and cross country circuit, Darren Bownes, will be looking after the group in conjunction with the other coaches in the TCN group.

What we will be offering is a sustainable training programme, to get you from your current level to where you want to be; contact sessions, at least once a week; advice on running shoes; advice on strengthening excercises; advice on injury prevention; regular feedback on your running progress; and access to regular posts on relevant running topics. If you require assistance with nutrition, we can put you in contact with our resident nutritionist.

The cost is R300 per month (if you sign up before the end of October 2018, the cost will only be R200 per month for the first six months).

If you want to sign up, please complete the form below.