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Green Point Athletics Series Results


This is a series of track meetings to be held at Green Point Athletics Stadium under the auspices of ATC Running Club during May 2021. The meetings will be held on Fridays and/or Sundays.

Entries are limited due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the need to practice social distancing and comply with the regulations.


Entries will be done as follows:

Entries will only be done online and there will be NO entries on the day at the venue. This is a strict rule and access to the stadium will be denied to anyone whose name is not on the list given to stadium security.

The entry form is at the bottom of this page.

Entries for 7 & 9 May close at 9:00 on 7 May 2021. No entries at the venue.

Entering does not mean a guaranteed spot in on of the races.

Entries will be accepted and lane draws done on the following basis:

  • Preference will be given to senior and u20 (18-40) athletes.
  • Previous best performances.
  • Previous selection for Western Province or South African teams.
  • Consideration will be given for the need to prevent races being crowded due to the pandemic.
  • Lane draws will be posted on line by Thursday evening for a Friday meeting and Friday evening for a Sunday meeting.


R30. Note that this includes the entrance for the athlete’s coach (ie the coach enters on the athlete’s entry fee). The entry fee also covers the weekend’s events.


Athletes who are unable to participate are expected to withdraw formally before the event so that replacements can be contacted and lane draws redone.

Athletes who do not withdraw formally are likely to be barred from entering future series meetings.


Spectators will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Athletes may be accompanied by a coach, whose details must be provided during the entry process.

No more than 50 persons are allowed access to the stadium at any time so athletes will be required to leave as soon as reasonable after their event has completed.

A health questionnaire must be completed during the entry process and a temperature check will be performed at entry to the stadium.

Social distancing must be respected and masks must be worn except when competing. No group photographs must be taken and handshaking, hugging, etc must not happen.


Although this may change, the general principle will be that there will be one short middle distance and one long middle distance event per meeting. The organisers reserve the right to change this, however.

There will be no field events, but requests to include field events will be considered, with the following conditions: There will be an extra cost for officials, the extra event will impact on the number of athletes permitted for other events, and there will be a need to organise equipment. Track events will at all times take priority.

The events planned at present are:

7 & 9 May: 800m, 1500m, 3000m

14 & 16 May: 800m, 1500m, 5000m

The events for 21 and 23 May are still to be finalised.

The Friday session is from 17:00-18:00 and the Sunday session from 11:00-12:00. Final start times will be confirmed once entries are received. All entrants will be emailed to regarding further information.




(This is required to be able to communicate any changes to you.)
(If none, fill in Unaffiliated)
(If none, fill in None. A temporary licence number will be allocated to you.)

Will your coach be accompanying you? (Please note that anyone accompanying you must be entered here as they will not be allowed to enter the stadium if their names aren't on the list)


Covid-19 Questionnaire

Please note that this section has to be completed. If ANY information changes between submitting this entry and the competition, the participant MUST notify the organisers immediately.
Information entered in this section will be kept for Covid-19 track & trace purposes only and will be deleted after the expiry of the time period for the data to be retained.

Please note that entry will only be allowed if the responses to the questions below are all negative.
Providing false information may be regarded as fraud and may result in the matter being referred to the authorities for further action.

Are you experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms: Fever / Cough / Unexpected Shortness of Breath / Sore Throat / Loss of Taste / Loss of Smell

Covid-19 Testing


I accept that if I do not participate after having entered and my entry being accepted, without withdrawing formally no later than an hour before the start of the relevant meeting I will be barred from participating in any further RunElite Series meetings unless the organisers decide otherwise.


I understand that because of the Covid-19 pandemic entries are limited and having completed this form does not guarantee that my entry will be accepted. I also understand that for reasons beyond their control the organisers may have to cancel one or more of the meets or change events at their discretion.
I agree that I will comply with all rules and regulations relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular I will respect the rules relating to social distancing, the wearing of masks when not actually competing and hand sanitising.
I understand that this series is taking place during a global pandemic. I will not hold the organisers or the City of Cape Town liable in the event of any harm suffered while participating in the series.